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New Swiss 100 Franc Revealed

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has revealed the new CHF 100 banknote. It will enter the circulation on September 12th. The design is inspired by Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition which is represented by water. 

The color of the banknote remains blue but the size of the note is reduced for easier handling. The CHF 100 banknote is the last of the ninth series from the SNB. The first was CHF50 followed by CHF20, CHF10, CHF200, and CHF1,000 franc note.

The theme is “Many Facets of Switzerland”, and the new notes use substrate - Durasafe by high-security paper manufacturer Landqart. There 15 new security features including shimmery ink, glittery thread, window cut-outs, ultraviolet elements, and micro text. There is also a three-layer structure with two outer of cotton paper and a polymer core reinforcement for durability.

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