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CNB to issue new versions of CZK 100 and CZK 200 banknotes

The Czech National Bank will issue new versions of the CZK 100 and CZK 200 banknotes this year. These new banknote versions will have enhanced protection against counterfeiting and will enable easier processing using technical equipment. The versions of the CZK 100 note that were put into circulation in 1995 and 1997 and the versions of the CZK 200 note that were issued in 1996 and 1998 will remain legal tender.

The overall appearance of these banknotes will remain unchanged. Charles IV will still be the main motif of the CZK 100 note and John Amos Comenius that of the CZK 200 note.

The CNB will present the new CZK 100 and CZK 200 notes, including their protective elements, to the public in May 2018.


Source : cnb.cz

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