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Central bank of Taiwan to issue special Pig Year coins.

The Central Bank of Taiwan announced that from January 17, the commemorative coin set for the Lunar year of the Pig 2019 will be made available. A silver coin with an NT$ 100 denomination and a bronze alloy coin with an NT$10 denomination, which is priced at NT$ 1,800 per set is what is included. In total there are 120,000 sets. One side of the coin features an embossed gold-clad pig and on the other side the pilgrimage procession of the Chinese sea goddess Matsu. This symbolizes peace and prosperity. While on the bronze alloy coin, there is the design of an auspicious pig pattern on one side and on the other side, a blossoming red peony which signifies fortune and felicity. The interested individuals have to make the purchase on-site at Bank of Taiwan branches where each customer can buy only one set at a time.

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