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1,000 pesos will be released to circulation in October.

The  Central Bank  continues with the plan to change the denomination of paper money, as well as its aesthetics. Therefore, the announced broadcast ticket for $ 1000 that have the figure hornero and will be released from October according to projected.   

This new role of high denomination, will try to facilitate the daily transactions in a context of high inflation and structural informality of the economy. It is worth mentioning that the last notes released of  $ 200  and  $ 500 , are still difficult to obtain despite constituting 25% of the circulating money . 

The hornero, will become from October on the highest value ticket and will represent 11% of the total paper money issuance, according to El Cronista Comercial.

On the other hand, it was learned that along with the one thousand peso note, the 5 peso coin will begin to circulate as well as the new $ 20 bill that will have the guanaco image, thus replacing Juan Manuel de Rosas and the Vuelta de Obligado.      

The BCRA’s plan to improve the quality of circulating paper money, according to the vision of its president  Federico Sturzenegger, will  continue next year with the  coinage of the $ 10 coin. The lowest denomination ticket will be $ 20 , while those of 2, 5 and 10 pesos will be forgotten in the medium term.

Source : porticomazza.com.ar.

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