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The Bank of Cape Verde, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law no. 18/2017, of April 17, informs that the withdrawal of banknotes of face value of 200 escudos and 2,000 escudos,

in accordance with Article 9 of its Organic Law, approved by Law No. 10 / VI / 2002, on the issues authorized by Decree-Laws 26/2005, 25 April and 40/99, of 21 June respectively. , dated July 15, and the period of six months, from May 17, 2017 to November 16, 2017, was set for the withdrawal of circulation of said notes.


Once this period has expired, the above notes may only be reimbursed at the Bank of Cape Verde, at its headquarters in the City of Praia, until November 16, 2027, that is, for a period of 10 years, from which date they cease to have any fiduciary value.

The absence of stock for the renewal of the circulation of those denominations dictated the procedure for the withdrawal of these notes. It should be recalled that the new series of notes, authorized by Decree-Law no. 64/2014 of November 17, was dictated by this need to replenish stock and incorporate technological innovation in line with international safety standards, in order to to provide greater confidence and credibility in the use of the Cape Verdean escudo.


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