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New Eastern Caribbean bank notes to be accessible to the blind

The twenty and fifty paper bills will not be issued by the Eastern Carribean Central Bank in their present format. The new banknote will be made out of polymer. They last longer than paper banknotes and many new security features will be added. Cost of production is less along with reduced environmental impact. Blind recognition features will be added to the polymer notes that will soon hit Saint Lucia, where they will be able to recognize the $20 and $50 notes. The new initiative of the ECCB was given a glowing welcome by The Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association (SLBWA). Among the five representatives who attended the meeting was Executive Director of the Blind Welfare Association, Anthony Avril and President of the Executive Counsel, Glen Simon.

The tactile features of the denominations will be very useful for the people who conduct business at night. On behalf of print disabled citizens of the organization of East Carribean States (OECS), the ECCB was praised by the SLBWA team. After the $20 and $50 dollar bills, the ECCB has decided to release $10 and $100 polymer bills. By 2020, $5 note will be introduced. Until the paper banknotes fade away due to its non-issuance by Central Bank both paper and polymer banknotes will be in circulation side by side in countries where the Eastern Carribean Central Bank, banknotes are legal tender.

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