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Central Bank will put into circulation new notes of ¢ 20 thousand, ¢ 5 thousand and ¢ 2 thousand of recyclable material

In the coming weeks, the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) will put into circulation new banknotes of ¢ 20 thousand, ¢ 5 thousand and ¢ 2 thousand, printed on polymer substrate, a material similar to plastic but which is recyclable.

Although the new banknotes will maintain the color, the characters and the size, they will present some changes in the layout of the design.

Marvin Alvarado, Treasurer of the Central Bank, explained that this is an update to strengthen the security of banknotes.
Alvarado explained that the change will incorporate more verification mechanisms to avoid counterfeiting of banknotes.

Subsequently, the Central Bank will also prepare the ¢ 10 thousand banknote in the same material, equal to the current ¢ 1,000 banknote

Source : Monumental

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