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Central Bank of Yemen issues a new currency of 200 riyals

The Central Bank of Yemen (ADB), which is based in the interim capital of Aden, announced Wednesday the issuance of a new currency of 200 riyals.

The bank said in a statement published by the official Saba agency that the issuance of the new currency comes in accordance with the law of the bank No. (14) for the year 2000 and its amendments, specifically Article (24).

The bank said: “We announce to the public that the bank will print a new paper of 200 riyals and issue them for trading in the coming days.”

According to the statement, the new banknote bears the following basic specifications: The size of the banknote: 150 mm x 69 mm, color: greenish green, front face of the cash sheet: Zabid Castle, and the back side of the note: the skilled and the year of issue: 1439 -

The bank noted that there are safety marks in the new front-facing banknote, which are prominent marks that give the paper a distinctive roughness, including the name of the Central Bank of Yemen and other prominent colored inscriptions, as well as a white, unobtrusive white marker in the white part of the paper

Sources: al-ain.com


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