Belarusian money will change design

The Board of the National Bank of Belarus decided to modify banknotes, the regulator’s press service reported on Thursday

The National Bank plans to conduct a small redesign of Belarusian money. The main images on the front and back sides, as well as the colors and sizes of banknotes will not change.

As explained in the press-service of the regulator, the order of individual denominations of modified banknotes and putting them into circulation will be implemented in 2019 and 2020. It will be done to maintain the correct nominal structure of cash in circulation and to provide the economy with a sufficient number of banknotes and coins.

Named in the National Bank and the changes that Belarusian money is waiting for. Thus, images of architectural structures on the face of the modified banknotes will be brought into line with the current appearance with a name.

It is also interesting that the modified banknotes will no longer be signed by the head of the Board of the National Bank - until now they depict a facsimile of the signature of Petr Prokopovich, who has not been the regulator since 2011.

Correct and spelling mistake on a bill of 50 rubles: the inscription “PYAZDZESYAT” will be corrected for “PYATZDZYATH”.

Also on banknotes will be the year of the planned release - 2019th for five- and ten-ruble denominations and 2020 - for 20 and 50 rubles. For this step, a change in the president’s decree was required - it had already been introduced.

Source: sputnik.by


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