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Australia issues Repatriation $2 coin

To mark the 100 years of bringing soldiers and nurses home since world war 1st, Australia is circulating colourful commemorative 2019, $2 coin. The centre of the coin depicts a graphic element taken from First World War Returned from Active Service badges. War pensions, a soldier settlement scheme, and other vital services such as healthcare, education, housing and official commemorations are provided by the department.
On one badge the St. Edward’s Crown with the rising sun, below which is a scroll with the text AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES is depicted. A circular colour print of black rays and red and black petal motifs frames the badge on the coin. To represent the journey home of Australian service personnel over the last 100 years the rays, inspired by the iconic Rising Sun element of one WWI service badge is shown. The eight petals symbolize the six states and two territories of Australia. It also represents the Flanders Field poppy, an iconic symbol of remembrance. The coin was circulated on April 8th.

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