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The Central Bank issues a RD $ 100.00 ticket with the new institutional visual identity

It will circulate as of Friday, October 19 and will coexist with the current ones of the same denomination

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. - The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) announces the issuance of a new RD $ 100.00 bill with the novelty of the insertion in it of the new institutional visual identity of the monetary agency.

This RD $ 100 Dominican pesos bill, series 2017, will coexist with the current banknotes of the same denomination, which will maintain their liberating force for the payment of all public and private obligations.

New features

The new RD $ 100 bill incorporates the isotype with the new visual identity of the Central Bank, printed with ink that varies from gold to green when the ticket changes position. In addition, on the same isotype, the number 100 is inserted as an indication of the value of paper money.There is, on the other hand, an adjustment of the size of the figures of the Fathers of the Nation to avoid that the effigy of the patricio Juan Pablo Duarte rubs the upper strip of the ticket. And, finally, within the transformations, we also proceed to the relocation of the names of the Fathers of the Nation.

Within the protection codes, the new RD $ 100 bill will maintain the same security features as is currently in circulation.

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