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On Currencies

We access real-time updates on all currencies and coins, package them to suit your specific requirements and budget, and deliver on time.

With our team of experts constantly supporting you, you can focus your time, money and energy on the core activities and objectives of your business in any country across the world. We conduct ongoing research to provide appropriate data to cashiers,cash centre managers and numismatists.

Privacy and Security

Your right to privacy and security is very important to us. Banknotestreet treats personal information obtained through the use of this website as private and confidential.

Secure Servers

Our Internet servers are protected by high-end firewall systems and intrusion detection systems. Access to information on these servers is restricted to authorized personnel and is frequently monitored.

Password Security

All passwords are stored in secure systems that are accessible only to authorized staff. Keeping your data secure also depends on your using appropriately complicated passwords and storing them safely.

Our Features

Banknotestreet is a group of banknote professionals who have come together with the aim of providing real-time information and validated data to corporates and individuals. At Banknotestreet we strive to create an atmosphere of transparency, trust and timeliness. Our vision is to become a global platform for sharing knowledge and creating a vital market place, optimal for cutting-edge business initiation and conducive for connecting collectors.

Customized Data

We provide personalized information in real time about banknotes and coins based on your requirements.

Real-time Market Updates

We update our clients about changes affecting banknotes and coins that are in circulation.


We have currency solutions packaged to suit the individual business needs of corporates and SMEs.

Expert Advice

In a volatile market space where time and data are two critical variables, BNS will help users contain risks and translate opportunities into tangible assets.

Platform for Numismatists

BNS provides an active platform for numismatists to come together to bid/ask for currencies in and ex vogue, creating opportunities for making intangible gains.

Research & Consultancy

BNS will guide, support and enable you to achieve your goals of establishing business ventures in different countries successfully.

Currencies of 220+ countries

A comprehensive digital guide featuring currencies and coins of more than 220 countries of the world. The banknotes have detailed descriptions of the key security features.

Import and Export Regulations

Along with the descriptions of the currencies, the regulations on the import and export of the countries are also provided.

ISO currency codes

A detailed list of ISO currency codes which includes the name of the countries, currencies and the respective currency codes.

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